We believe that, only with a deep understanding of technologies, you are able to use them in a creative and artistic way that is at the same time useful and innovative.

Brainy, the research and development lab of Vidiemme, was born on these basis. It is a permanent structure that works as an advantageous observation point on future trends and as an echo of the innovation that is the vital lymph of Vidiemme.

Here in Vidiemme innovation is never intended as the mere run after the newest tech gadget, but is the analysis of all the functionalities and the full potentials of the latest devices and solutions, the creation of new processes or the development of creative and alternative uses of already consolidated technologies.

In the last few years technologies and the studies about their uses and capabilities have been increasing, also thanks to the stable presence of our branch VDM Labs in San Francisco. It is in charge of scouting last trends and gives to the lab the opportunity to get in touch with the devices launched only on the American market.

Brainy is where these opportunities meet and grow, as incubator of innovations with the aim of making technology an art.

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