Human friendly interfaces and  increasingly interconnected technologies

The availability of smart wearable devices, interconnected and equipped with more and more invisible and human friendly interfaces, has disruptive impacts on the way we do business, effectively cancelling the distances and making processes more agile: remote support, training, remote collaboration, sales & field force are just some of the areas most affected by the transformation process.

This is the reason why we put wearable device, IoT, indoor positioning technologies and conversational interfaces in our core offer, implementing both large-scale implementations with major corporations and specific experiments with startups.


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Thanks to Google Glass, smartglasses and wearable technologies have officially made a leap forward in the eyes of the general public, but not only.

Since we have become Google Glass Explorers in 2013, we started many tests and experiments on different kind of visors, exploring, in this way, the different type of alternative realities: from the augmented till the superimposed one, going through the mixed reality and arriving to the virtual one.

Companies have realized the potential of this new technology and – also in Italy – important experimental projects were carried out.



With IoT (Intenet of Things) we identify a group of technologies that make possible the connection of every kind of object with the Internet, giving to it an intelligence and the possibility to interact with the environment.

The aim of these solutions is the monitoring, supervision and transfer of information.

The IoT business, that in Italy reached a turnover of two billions in 2015, with an increase of 30% compared with 2014, represents a concrete and active reality.

But the positive trend reported in this field in not enough to delineate the wide amount of opportunities linked with IoT evolution in the technological field and in the creation of new business models.



Those who work in technological innovation field got a question in their minds: in the future, how are we going to talk with the technology?

The development of new interfaces, among those there are the conversational ones, allow the change in the user-technology interaction, modifying the user digital experience.

Getting rid of any communication systems different from our natural one will be a fundamental step to better enjoy all the chances offered by IoT, at home as well as at work.

The conversational soul of vocal interfaces offer to the business users an interaction model without being linked to a specific interface and allow the application of a new specific integration model for business systems.