Customer retail solution for real time monitoring & collaboration

The store is the place where your brand access the market, the exact moment when your customers get in contact with your company: an effective and efficient management of it, is the milestone for the success of the retail network. Modern organizations are dynamic, heterogeneous and global. For these reasons they require proper processes, structures and informative tools.

Store App is a complete and modular solution that allows the monitoring of the store compliance in all its aspects and the digital collaboration in real time between the store and the hq. All this in mobility, available both online and offline, complete with evolved analytics dashboard, integrated with the existing enterprise systems.


Modular suites

To better meet the sales network needs, Store App is divided into three suite – Compliance, Insights and Staff – highly customizable and with integrated functionalities:/p>


You can view and search on a geolocalized map your competitors outlets location. The map can be enriched with further information directly from tablet to facilitate field data collection

Outlet registries

Each store is equipped with a complete registry, upgradeable either remotely or in mobility and containing the design, layouts, images, videos, active promotions and any other relevant multimedia  material

Polls and surveys

The solution can collect sales and store data and both qualitative and quantitative surveys. The surveys are created and managed from the control panel and may be specific to each store

Visit management

It’s possible to arrange appointments and list the stores to visit. Activities checklists, inspection activities and end-of-the-visit reports can be set for each visit

Instore corners

The solution allows to monitor the store and windows correct product display, the active marketing campaigns and all the relevant physical points within the shop. Each point of interest is tracked and monitored over time

Digital assets

Tablet application guarantees online and offline quick access to all the corporate information that may be useful during the field visits

Sales force objectives

Tracking all activities allows the sales force evaluation in terms of target achieved on all the assigned ones, helping you to organize the resources for each store

Order entry

During the visit, agents have the ability to place orders in real time, verifying stock availability and making logistical processes much more agile and efficient

Case management

Whenever a discrepancy is detected or there is any need of intervention, agents can open a report. The case can be monitored in all the stages until is solved

Powerful analytics

Store App is equipped with an advanced analytics dashboard that tracks the sales force, the store itself or the single campaign performance. KPIs can be managed from the app itself or scan be synchronized with the enterprise system.


Case studies