Curious to see the brand new Apple Watch? We already developed an app on it.

Wonder how is the vision through Google Glass? We have 12 apps for 3 different markets active since 2013. We are also the first ones who developed for iPad on the not so far away 2010 – even if it seems like ages ago.

Who are we? Vidiemme Consulting.

No, it’s fine if you’ve never heard about us, but beware, it’s not because we are a fake.

To avoid any doubt, have a look on this site and on VDM Labs one, which is our subsidiary opened in San Francisco. We usually work with medium and big clients, rarely for the final consumers or the wide public, and this is the reason why you may have not heard our name.

In simple terms, our brand does not run that much, but new technologies definitely do! Choose what you prefer: being a number in a company that has a name, or being a name in a company which has numbers.

We offer a paid internship – with good chances of recruitment – , lots of innovation – for real, not just slogans – and a really informal environment in which every good idea will always be listened, colleagues with your same age and background to challenge in table football during the lunch break, the opportunity to grow professionally working on technologies that otherwise you wouldn’t have the pleasure to touch.

Too good to be true? You got your part of the job, don’t worry.

Passion, ability to approach situations in creative ways, a great desire to learn and a technical background – preferably Computer Science or Computer Engineering graduates – will make us say: WE WANT YOU. Join us: apply for the position.

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Discover the current vacancies: from junior to senior developers, operations, creative, sales and marketing positions. Send us your resume, we are always looking for new colleagues!


If you have a project in mind, an experiment, an alternative mode of collaboration … tell us about yourself and your idea. Together we can achieve it!